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Signs of Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone Symptoms

In recent years it has become possible to accurately test testosterone levels in men via a blood test. The physicians at Men's Wellness Centers specialize in treating both Erectile Dysfunction and Low T. 

What is Low Testosterone?

As men reach age 30, they being to naturally lose testosterone. The average man's normal testosterone level is between 300ng/dL and 1000ng/dL. Men who score below this range may benefit form Testosterone Replacement Therapy. A lower than normal score does not mean that you will experience the common symptoms of Low T. 

Signs of Low Testosterone:

Low Sex Drive

Low testosterone levels can result in significantly lower sex drive. A decreased sex drive is a natural part of aging, but losing interest in sex completely is not.

Erectile Dysfunction

Low testosterone can be a contributing factor in erectile dysfunction. Our physicians will conduct a thorough medical history review, physical examination and lab tests. A personalized treatment plan will then be created for you based on those results.

Low Semen Volume

Low testosterone can lead to impotency problems in young men who are trying to have children. Testosterone replacement therapy can increase semen volume and lead to higher fertility. 

Hair Loss

Testosterone plays a large role in hair production. As such, low testosterone levels can cause hair follicles to die, resulting in premature balding.

Loss of Muscle Mass & Weight Gain

Low Testosterone levels cause muscle mass to decrease while increasing body fat. Testosterone injections can help reverse this process.


Low T can cause men to feel tired and fatigued even after a full nights sleep. This can also result in men appearing to have lost their ambition and drive in their careers and family life.

Decrease in Bone Mass

A dangerous side effect of low testosterone levels is a decrease in bone density that can lead to osteoporosis, and becoming susceptible to fractures.

Depression and Mood Changes

Testosterone plays a large role in mood stabilization. Decreased T levels can cause both depression, anxiety and mood swings.

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